Cardstock Freshie

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These are made to order! Please allow 2 weeks from order date for your order to be shipped. 

A beautiful freshie without the paint! 

Pick your fragrance and your mica color! The mica you choose will be the *base* color of the Freshie. NOT the paint color! Mica powder gets mixed with my fragranced aroma beads to get a base color. The mica selections that have / in between are CHAMELEON mica powders. These SHIFT colors. For example: gold / purple / red - this mica shifts between all of these colors in different lighting! 

Transform your car's ambiance with our high-quality air fresheners, crafted using the finest aroma beads and fragrance oils. With our many fragrance options, we offer a wide array of scents for everyone! 

Each freshie hangs from an eye hook and an elastic cord. It will be tied but you can make it tighter to fit your vehicle or small space. 

These are baked with a circle card stock. The freshie is 3" and the card stock is 2.5". 


**Freshies can melt in high temperatures if left in the sun. Keep away from small children and pets. Freshies that contain vanilla fragrance can have a yellow tint. Smoking can hinder the fragrance. Cars that have doors that remove may loose fragrance at a faster rate.