About Us

Welcome to RoseLee Crystals and Pearls! My name is Sara and I am the owner of this fun group! I have been married to my amazing husband Adam for twelve years, and we have one child, Alexander Lee, who is 10 years old. He will likely make many appearances on the lives! 

A little about me!! I love animals, music, dance, the ocean, and traveling. I have a full time job and a part time job, so I am certainly always busy. I also LOVE JEWELRY! I have always had a passion for jewelry and even worked in a jewelry store in my late teens for a couple of years. I'm no expert gemologist, but I have worked relentlessly to learn about cultured pearls, and find the best quality jewelry that I can get for an affordable price. 

Every item on the website has a detailed description of the piece. It states the metal (most items are sterling silver) the size, if there is a recommended pearl size, and what kind of opening comes with it. Please read descriptions carefully and it should answer any questions you may have, however, feel free to ask me if you do have questions! After your order is placed, within 24 hours I will tag you on the Facebook page with a date and time for your reveal. If you are unable to be on the live, no worries, you do not HAVE to be on... but if you would like to and are unable to be at the time given to you, please just let me know and I will schedule you for a different show. 

Be sure to join the Facebook page and TikTok and reach out by email or messenger if you have any questions! The email address is info@shoproselee.com.