Genuine Stone Ring Bomb

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These beautiful rings are solid sterling silver with triple rhodium plating and Genuine Gemstone center stones! Accent stones are cubic zirconia! Examples of genuine stones you could potentially get include: Labradorite, onyx, carnelian, lapis, fluorite, topaz, amethyst, and many more! There are literally hundreds of variations of these rings!

  Rhodium plating over sterling silver offers the following benefits:

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Rust & Tarnish Resistant
  • Makes the Jewelry stronger and creates a polished shine
  • Hypoallergenic which means it is great for anyone with Silver allergies

This is a ring bomb. You do not know which ring you will be getting! It will be revealed on a TikTok video or you can choose to fizz at home! Check our Facebook page to see when your reveal will be!

*Photo is just an example of rings you could get

 These will be will be opened on a TikTok video. Check the Facebook page nightly to see the lineup! Or you can select to fizz at home!