Gem Bombs

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Have some fun and reveal a beautiful surprise gemstone! All gemstones are 100% Natural Gemstones. These are not man-made, lab-grown, or hydro gemstones!! There are over 45 gemstones that you could receive. These are perfect to put in keychains, lockets, and even some cages. You could also have your gem mounted into jewelry at your local jewelry store.

  • Inside each Fizzer will be one of the following
    • 2+ Gemstones weighing approximately 1-3+ carats each
    • 1 large 4-6+ carat stone
    • 1 extra valuable gemstone (emerald, ruby, sapphire, aquamarine, fire opal)
  • Possibility of Hidden Surprises!!
  • List of possible surprises in addition to the number of Gems you receive which are hidden inside random Gem Bomb

    • Diamond Ring 
    • Diamond Studs
    • Diamond Earrings 
    • Edison Pearls
    • Star Pearls
    • Flower Pearls

**Gem bombs will be revealed on Facebook live! Check our Facebook page to see when your reveal will be done.