Gardenia Dreams Candles and Melts

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 To all of you Gardenia / Floral Lovers, I found your scent!!! Transport yourself to a garden of tropical white florals in full bloom. Soft, but intoxicating, this dreamy sweet and earthy floral will work its way through your home with its delicate touch and won’t leave you disappointed. With notes of Gardenia, lemon peel, tuberose, jasmine, green floral, and powder, it could turn anyone into a floral lover!

Introducing our new 8 oz Mint Green Glass Jar loaded with wax and crystals, and our new 5.5 Oz Amber Glass Jar. The scent will explode before you as you open the bamboo lid.. it seals the fragrance in completely air tight! 40+ Hour Burn Time on the 8 oz Mint Green, and 25+ Hour Burn Time on the Amber and Iridescent jars! 

Introducing our new 7 oz Squeeze Wax Melts! Simply squeeze as much as you want (about 3/4 of your wax dish ) to transform your home into a lovely gardenia and tuberose garden! 

 Our popular snap bars & shaped melts make a return! Get the satisfactory snap with our 2 oz snap bars or a cute 3 oz bag of shaped melts to try out any or all fragrances! 

Let our aroma and vibe take over your home to give you a clear and safe peace of mind! Our candles and wax melts are hand made with 100% natural soy wax, with top quality phthalate-free fragrance oils that are safe for you and your babies! (Human, fur, or feathered!) All are made in small batches to ensure the best quality! 

Our candles are infused with Green Prehnite, Angel Aura chips, and crushed Peridot! 

Green Prehnite is located in the heart chakra and is the stone of unconditional love. Prehnite is known to calm the environment around it and will enhance your inner knowing. It heals the healer and teaches you harmony. It can also aid in the healing of kidneys, chest, lungs, shoulders and thymus glands. Prehnite is known to alleviate nightmares, deep fears, and benefits hyper-active children. 

 Angel Aura represents peace, joy, clarity, and purity. This beauty has high vibrations and healing properties such as stimulating your immune system, creating more energy, and balances your mind, body, and soul. Angel Aura will guide you to a place of rest to tune into a deep peace, and into your inner beauty. It will create a protective shield around your aura and will release negative energy. 

Peridot is one of the best stones for neutralizing toxins in your body and is the stone of transformation. Represented with the suns energy, this stone will bring you warmth, luck, happiness, riches, and love. It will even protect the holder from evil doers. Healing powers of Peridot are, aiding in regulation of a persons emotional, bodily, and mental cycles, and is even well known for aiding and benefiting in addiction treatments. It can improve energy, remove emotional disorders and rid nervousness and anxiety.

 𝐂𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐥𝐞 𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐞 : When burning your candle for the first time, allow the candle to burn for at least two hours to avoid tunneling. Never leave a candle burning for longer than 4 hours at a time. ( This is so important with glass jars) Keep away from things that can catch fire and never leave candle unattended. Trim the wick to 1/4” length before every burn. Keep away from children and pets. Never leave a candle by a window or anything with a draft. Remove crystals before melting or after you extinguish your candle.