The Roselee Cage Ring

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We had this specially made and it is one of a kind! This is a CAGE meaning it opens up and you can change out your pearl! It is solid sterling silver and adjustable and comes with one round pearl opening!

DISCLAIMER!!!!! When you have a cage pendant, the chain keeps that cage from coming open. You obviously don’t have that protection with a ring. It is just a snap. The metal can become loose and then the snap will become loose. You can easily adjust it with some needle nose pliers to make it tighter. Mine came open a few times when I was using my hands to talk…I’m very expressive with my hands lol. But I have tightened it and it isn’t coming open now. Don’t put your favorite pearl in the world or grandmas special pearl in this ring!!!

Second disclaimer, unfortunately this doesn’t go smaller than a size 7. I have to wear a ring guard on mine because I have tiny fingers.

*The oyster to reveal your pearl will be opened on a TikTok video. Check the Facebook page to check when your reveal will be! 

*You can choose to open your oyster at home as well! If not in the USA and you want to open at home, you will be send a pearl bomb! Just put open at home in your order notes!